“Learning is remembering from moment to moment”

Tommy Thompson

Corinne Cassini working with an Alexander student in constructive rest on the table. Photo: Rini Prijs

F.M. Alexander and his brother A.R. Alexander taught the Alexander technique to their students one-on-one. This tradition continues and the Alexander Technique is generally studied in private lessons which suit the personal nature and depth of self discovery reached during a lesson.

The Alexander Technique and its principles can however be learned effectively and are also taught in small groups or workshop settings.

Some people find that a combination of private and group lessons to be very effective.

Corinne Cassini at Light and Being in Boone, NC offers both private and group study. For workshops or larger groups please contact us.

What happens during a lesson?

For the lesson it is best to wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes as various movements will be explored. You will be asked to take off your shoes, nothing more.

The principles (Withholding Definition, Dynamic poised relationship between the head and the neck, Direction, kinesthetic awareness) of the Alexander Technique will be explored and applied to basic movements like getting in and out of the chair, walking, lying down and more generally transitioning from any movement or activity to another. With words and the sensitivity of her skilled gentle touch Corinne will guide you through these movements and activities. As you are guided through these activities you will discover and expand your kinesthetic awareness bringing coherence, organization and a quality of lightness and ease to your movements.

The release of held tension brings about the possibility to experience unknown (forgotten) ways of moving creating flow, poise and integration of your being throughout your activities.

How many lessons?

Individual lessons are generally 30, 50 minutes long and exceptionally longer depending on how often you choose to come each week or month. Since the Alexander Technique works with habitual patterns of thought and movement, in order to effect change coming more frequently in shorter amounts of time is recommended and highly effective.

It will take anyone around 6 lessons to begin to understand the principles of the Alexander Technique, start benefiting from the effects of the lessons and be able to apply the technique during simple activities. With more lessons the beneficial effects will increase, become a real part of your life and you will learn how to apply the Technique yourself to any activity.

Your investment


You are investing in your own well-being while embarking on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment!

The catch? It might change your life along with you! You could be healthy, pain-free, happy and experience a more meaningful and integrated life, a Light in Being.

On a more reassuring note, if you are apprehensive, know that you are investing in a method that has proved itself and has benefited many people all over the world for more than 100 years. If you still have doubts, contact me for a short free phone consultation, to book an intake lesson or read the pages about F.M. Alexander and the history of the technique and look on the resource page for the links to scientific studies.

I invite you to see the investment in Alexander Technique lessons as a gift to yourself.

“You cannot do something you don’t know IF you keep on doing what you do know”

F.M Alexander.


At Light in Being a typical lesson lasts 50 minutes and costs $90. There are student rates, packages and shorter more frequent lesson options so costs may range from 50$ to 128$ a lesson depending on length, amount and frequency of the lessons. If you are extremely motivated and the financial commitment is preventing you from studying, please contact Corinne Cassini and she will discuss various options suited to your needs.


Your first 6 Alexander lessons (50 minutes) for the price of 5 ($450)


30 minute lessons are available starting twice a week

Embodied Light in Being-30 @ $424: Commit to 8 lessons in 4 weeks or less and save $16
Integrated Light in Being-30 @ $839: Commit to 16 lessons in 6 weeks or less and save $41

50 minute lessons once (or more) a week

Embodied Light in Being-50 @ $528: Commit to 6 lessons in 6 weeks or less and save $12
Integrated Light in Being-50 @ $1038: Commit to 12 lessons in 3 months or less and save $42
Empowered Light in Being-50 @ $2038: Commit to 24 lessons in 6 months or less and save $122

70 minute lessons twice a month or less

Light in Being-70 @ $128 : For those who come twice a month or less.

Booking a lesson

Please inquire by phone or e-mail for more details, to set up a first lesson, or discuss a group study program. Details are on the contact page.

There is no commitment on the first/trial lesson because it’s our time to get to know one another, experience a connection and decide if we will work well together. We will determine together how the Alexander Technique can help you and which course of study best suits your present needs, schedule and finances.


Corinne Cassini trains teachers and teaches privately at Light in Being Studios in Boone located behind EarthFare on Council street. There is free parking. She also teaches classes at the Hayes School of Music