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Corinne Cassini working with a student on sitting to standing during an Alexander lesson, Photo: Rini PrijsThe Alexander Technique is a means to expand awareness throughout our daily activities of our thoughts, movements, breath and body relative to what we are doing.

Learning the Alexander Technique brings ease, lightness and coherence to our activities and a state of presence and overall well-being.

It teaches us how to give ourselves (physically, mentally and spiritually) our “best shot” at doing and being all that we do and are.

People of any age and of all walks of life can find themselves stuck in their body, mind or soul playing out painful and unwanted habitual behaviors or struggling with stress-induced reactions over and over again without understanding how they can stop and step out of the cycle. The Alexander Technique offers the possibility of choice and a way out of the maze of habits.

The fastest and easiest way to find out if the Alexander Technique is for you is to experience it first hand with a certified Alexander Technique teacher during a private trial lesson. If you’ve never danced before no explanation of what dancing entails will suffice to give you the true experience leading to knowing if you love to dance or not.

Getting Around

You may start out by reading more about the Alexander Technique and its benefits, moving on to who F.M. Alexander, the inventor was. Then you may want to find out a bit more about Corinne Cassini, the certified Alexander Technique teacher at Light in Being.
Or you can skip to the lesson page for practical information about rates, location (Boston and New York) and what to expect from Alexander lessons before contacting me.

The Resources page has links to past and ongoing scientific studies on the Alexander Technique, as well as links to the worldwide professional societies of teachers of the Alexander Technique.

And don’t forget to take a breath of fresh air and step out into the Soul’s garden a page with inspiring quotes, some personal reflections, writings by other teachers and spiritual masters that I find relate to and shed light on the principles embodied by the Alexander Technique.

Beginning Alexander Technique lessons was a leap of faith for me initially. After five lessons, I am beginning to “get it” in a potentially life shifting way.  As I walk down the street, head to the kitchen for another cup of tea, or sit at my desk, I find myself checking on my head/neck alignment, the rotation of my shoulders, and altering slightly the weight on my feet.

Corinne made all this happen with her highly skilled hands, guided by acute awareness of anatomy and her deep understanding of the Alexander technique.

– Audrey C., student