The Alexander technique and your advice has had a huge impact on my voice and I’m sure it will just continue to get better so I want to keep you updated with my upcoming projects… I had to sing for a studio session last night and I found myself actively putting your suggestions into practice. I really enjoyed singing in class and learned a great deal from your pointers and also from the suggestions from the rest of the class.
You and your class have become a major part of my life and have formed a close connection with me in a way no other instructor or class ever has before. It seems to be fate that I ended up taking one of the most mentally, physically and spiritually stimulating courses of my college career at the last possible slot. I think that solidifies my belief the Alexander Technique is something that I would like to keep in my life for as long as possible. You have brought a lot of insight, joy, and knowledge into my life through your teachings of Alexander’s technique, and your overall personality.

Michael, graduate student

Thank you for teaching me for 3 semesters in the Alexander Technique. Your class really helped me become the musician I am today. These classes and you have had a profound effect on me and have helped me grow a lot.

Connor, college student

Thank you for being an awesome teacher. I have learned a lot from you already!

Alexander, young cello student

Corinne is simply amazing. I’ve worked with other Alexander Technique teachers and gotten great benefit, but Corinne works on an entirely different level from anyone else I’ve experienced. Every time we work together, I find myself in awe of her natural sense of energy and the body, and the way that she is so clearly able to communicate this, both verbally and physically. Corinne has helped me to tap into a relationship with my body that I didn’t know was possible and the impact of our work together has had an awesome ripple effect in other areas of my life. Not only is she incredibly skilled and wise, she also has a loving, comforting presence that makes it easy to relax, be fully present in my body, and deeply receive the benefits of the work.  I am grateful for Corinne and her gifts, and could not recommend her more highly.

Kelly Stack, student

Thank you for the healing you gave me through the Alexander Technique! Yesterday evening I realized that my scoliosis was mostly gone. I had no idea you could help to do something like that. I was expecting to live with that amount of scoliosis for the rest of my life, not the small amount that I now have. Thank you so much for the healing you have given me.

Sarah, student

After my husband (83) had multiple severe surgeries in two years, our good friend in Boone suggested to find an Alexander Technique Teacher. While we were still in Florida, I searched and found that Corinne Cassini practiced the Alexander Technique in Boone, NC. My husband and I both met with her and started private sessions 3 times a week with her. The progress in both of our postures and general well-being increased dramatically. It was amazing how Corinne manipulated our bodies with the most gentle movements in an intuitive healing way. Every time I got off the massage table, I felt light and relaxed. The lessons were easy to follow at home.
I observed Corinne during most of the AT sessions with my husband. I took photos of my husband’s standing posture after every session. He made amazing progress walking upright with only little pain. We really miss Corinne. She has a wonderful personality with a multi cultural background in music, dance, AT training and languages.

Gisela and Charlie Kone, students

Beginning Alexander Technique lessons was a leap of faith for me initially. After five lessons, I am beginning to “get it” in a potentially life shifting way.  As I walk down the street, head to the kitchen for another cup of tea, or sit at my desk, I find myself checking on my head/neck alignment, the rotation of my shoulders, and altering slightly the weight on my feet.

Corinne made all this happen with her highly skilled hands, guided by acute awareness of anatomy and her deep understanding of the Alexander technique.

Audrey Charlton., student

Every experience or activity after a lesson (seeing, driving, walking, standing, and opening a door…) feels new. The experience after a lesson of being with less stress, feeling freer and lighter is amazing.

Sylvia v.d. Made., student

After each lesson I always left feeling freer, physically, but also mentally and emotionally. I felt that I knew myself a little bit better each time and always left each lesson with at least one A-HA moment. And of course, having such moments by experiencing them through my own body and mind is definitely much richer than reading about them in a book or online.

Raoul Brito., student